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Year : 2020

H.M. Forrest is an award-winning author, freelance writer, and editor who lives in sunny Arizona with her son and exotic pets. Her blogs have been featured all over the country. She loves to write about “all things elves,” and has completed numerous short stories about the wondrous world of elves and their adventures, with several full-length, young adult fantasy novels completed and more in progress. Her short stories have been published under various pseudonyms in multiple “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, “Writers Weekly,” and “Winter Whimsy,” a fiction anthology. 

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Year : 2019/2020

“Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes” was published in November, 2019, and went on to place in four book awards in 2020. H.M. Forrest’s debut novel includes award-winning “Snow Battle” within its pages.



Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes is a short story collection about four special worlds and the elfling princes that live within them. Award-winning author, H.M. Forrest, creates worlds of enchantment in this whimsical, magical fairy tale world “all about elves,” as young elfling princes and princesses explore their worlds and venture into unknown territories against dark foes, in sometimes humorous encounters that they just may not survive.

Now available for sale at Barnes & Noble and Amazon in both eBook and paperback.

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Year : 2018

In 2018, H.M. Forrest wrote “Snow Battle,” the first appearance of Artonian, the elf prince, and his little brother, Amneth. This story was a stand-alone story from the larger series she is working on. She has completed three complete books in the series and is currently working on the fourth, with plans for at least three more in the series. This is a detailed, intricate plot line filled with adventure, dark creatures, and tragedies, with a more serious twist than the lighthearted short stories. So if you love reading about the young, silver-haired elfling prince, Artonian, along with his family and friends, be sure to keep an eye out for the first book in the series, coming soon!

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Year : 2018/2019

The story, “Snow Battle,” first appeared in “Winter Whimsy” in November, 2018. This unique and inspiring collection of short stories from multiple, talented authors went on to win two awards, including the 2019 International Book Award.

What My Followers Say…

Utterly amazing! I have been an avid reader since I first learned how, and I have never read an anthology this good. Every one of its four different worlds draws you in, each one being totally fascinating. The stories range from gut-wrenchingly hilarious comedies, to dramatic epics that can only be placed akin to Shakespeare. H.M. Forrest proved herself to be an expert in her past works, and holds herself up to the highest standards of quality in this anthology.

– Anonymous

Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes has adventure, action, suspense, whimsy, and fun, and every story in this book is captivating in its own way and pulls readers into the wonderful world of elves. The adventures, the wonders, the woods, the elfling princes and princesses, the encounters, and forbidden territories all make this collection entertaining and enjoyable. H.M. Forrest creates a world that is unique and whimsical and takes youngsters on an enthralling trip to another realm where they come into contact with the elves, their lives, and their magic. The narration is vivid and creates an illusion that will fascinate young readers until the end of the book. The fluidity in expression gives the stories a good flow and movement.

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